Pumpky Brewster: A Pumpkin Ale

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Tomorrow night, Justin will be serving the last of his Pumpky Brewster Pumpkin Ale at the monthly Jefferson County Home Brewers meeting. This is the second time he has brewed this beer. The first time was last fall. It was first ready for our annual Halloween party. Oh boy, was it a hit! Such a hit that he had requests for Pumpky months ago. To satisfy the demand he brewed double the amount this time (10 gallons).

Pumpky Brewster is more of a spiced ale as opposed to a dessert beer. A lot of the commercial examples are more of a slice of piece, and only can be consumed in moderation because of how rich they are. The color is a nice rice, orange hue. This beer is 7% ABV but drinks like a 5%. It is differently an all night drinker. Upfront it has the mouth feel of an ale, but racks across the roof of your mouth. It has strong notes of clove, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. He used eight pounds of real pumpkin in the boil. When the fermentation is complete, the beer is put on top of three cinnamon sticks for a week which imparts another level of the spice complexity. Over all Pumpky Brewster exceeded last years batch.