Who Gives a Crap About Food Journals.

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Have you ever walked into a store with a mission to buy a brand new journey or notepad and colorful writing utensils to use soling to write down what you were eating?! You get home and open up all your new things and start writing. Writing everything you have eat, maybe even the calories consumed? But a day and a half later you forgot something you ate, and forgot to add it. I can’t count how many unfinished food journals I have had in my day. Oh and let me tell you, I started one again! But this time it has been three days strong.

I didn’t go out and buy a new journal. I am actually using pages out of the small notebook, I keep in my purse, I use as my “checking register”. Nothing pretty and brand new. I didn’t start on a Sunday or Monday, like I had felt obligated to do before. This time around I don’t give a shit about the calories or if the food I am eating is perfectly healthy. I just want to know what the hell I am putting in my mouth that is coming out the other end. I don’t give a shit about calories. I am jotting down the brand name and what it is, if it’s organic or not. This time I am on mission to figure out not how to lose weight, but what’s wrong with my gut! Because, I know now that whatever I figure out is wrong with my gut, will help the pounds just majicly come off my body. If I skip something or a day, I’m not going to worry. Oh and I’m even adding side notes of when I poop and what it looks like. Yeah that what I said. Did you know that your shit is like a story? A story of how your gut (small intestine) is digesting foods.

This journal is not for me this time, but for the health care doctor. When I go to the doctor, to tell them what I think is wrong, I want them to see for themselves. This will give them a better understanding. I believe I am not digesting my food, plus low stomach acid, but I want to now why that is and how to cure it. Not by medicine but foods. Food journals should not be a calorie keeping math book, but something better, a few of optimal health.


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