Produce Review: Natural Vitality Organic Living Vitamins

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I have always taken over the counter multi-vitamins from drug stores and popular super centers. Recently I overheard my step-father say that most vitamins on the market had very little benefit to most people, and that there were fillers in them, like wheat. After hearing this information a light bulb went off in my head. I had always taken them, but never really felt they where doing anything for me. Plus, my urine was always NEON yellow? Why was this?

I started to do some research. If I was going to pay good money for a multi-vitamin, it was going to be a good quality. The best quality I could think of was organic. So I went to my trusty friend, Google. I searched for the best organic multi-vitamin. I was suddenly drawn to the multi-vitamin in a bottle? That’s right, liquid vitamins. Now that’s my kind of vitamins. No pill to swallow, and no waiting for the pill to dissolve in my belly. I had found Natural Vitality’s Organic Life Vitamins. This liquid based vitamin was everything I was looking for. I was also able to purchase it at my local Vitamin Shoppe.

It can be taken by itself, or mixed with water or juice. The bottle even suggested adding it to a fruit smoothie. I took it by itself since I had just purchased it, and was not feeling so well. With in minutes I was feeling better. More calm even. It was exactly what my body needed.



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