What Does All-Natural means to Panera Bread Company

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"All-Natural" Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner on Tuesday nights is usually a Greek salad from Panera. With the temperature here in the 50’s rainy cloudy skies, soup was the answer. As I scanned through the list I noticed Chicken Noodle soup had a AN (All-Natural) circle at the end of it. The American classic was the only soup, actually the only item, with this circle. This made me question… What does All-Natural mean to Panera, and why was the Chicken Noodle soup the only option on the menu with that label?

This video explains Panera’s “All-Natural” future as a restaurant. ;,

As the reporter states in the video, Panera is 50% complete with the All-Natural changes the company is making to there menu. Well, not from what I see at the location here. How long will it take for all the locations to provide an All-Natural menu? My biggest concern, if they are just now making a change, what have I been eating from there?


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