Who Gives a Crap About Food Journals.

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Have you ever walked into a store with a mission to buy a brand new journey or notepad and colorful writing utensils to use soling to write down what you were eating?! You get home and open up all your new things and start writing. Writing everything you have eat, maybe even the calories consumed? But a day and a half later you forgot something you ate, and forgot to add it. I can’t count how many unfinished food journals I have had in my day. Oh and let me tell you, I started one again! But this time it has been three days strong.

I didn’t go out and buy a new journal. I am actually using pages out of the small notebook, I keep in my purse, I use as my “checking register”. Nothing pretty and brand new. I didn’t start on a Sunday or Monday, like I had felt obligated to do before. This time around I don’t give a shit about the calories or if the food I am eating is perfectly healthy. I just want to know what the hell I am putting in my mouth that is coming out the other end. I don’t give a shit about calories. I am jotting down the brand name and what it is, if it’s organic or not. This time I am on mission to figure out not how to lose weight, but what’s wrong with my gut! Because, I know now that whatever I figure out is wrong with my gut, will help the pounds just majicly come off my body. If I skip something or a day, I’m not going to worry. Oh and I’m even adding side notes of when I poop and what it looks like. Yeah that what I said. Did you know that your shit is like a story? A story of how your gut (small intestine) is digesting foods.

This journal is not for me this time, but for the health care doctor. When I go to the doctor, to tell them what I think is wrong, I want them to see for themselves. This will give them a better understanding. I believe I am not digesting my food, plus low stomach acid, but I want to now why that is and how to cure it. Not by medicine but foods. Food journals should not be a calorie keeping math book, but something better, a few of optimal health.


Pumpky Brewster: A Pumpkin Ale

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Tomorrow night, Justin will be serving the last of his Pumpky Brewster Pumpkin Ale at the monthly Jefferson County Home Brewers meeting. This is the second time he has brewed this beer. The first time was last fall. It was first ready for our annual Halloween party. Oh boy, was it a hit! Such a hit that he had requests for Pumpky months ago. To satisfy the demand he brewed double the amount this time (10 gallons).

Pumpky Brewster is more of a spiced ale as opposed to a dessert beer. A lot of the commercial examples are more of a slice of piece, and only can be consumed in moderation because of how rich they are. The color is a nice rice, orange hue. This beer is 7% ABV but drinks like a 5%. It is differently an all night drinker. Upfront it has the mouth feel of an ale, but racks across the roof of your mouth. It has strong notes of clove, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. He used eight pounds of real pumpkin in the boil. When the fermentation is complete, the beer is put on top of three cinnamon sticks for a week which imparts another level of the spice complexity. Over all Pumpky Brewster exceeded last years batch.

Produce Review: Natural Vitality Organic Living Vitamins

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I have always taken over the counter multi-vitamins from drug stores and popular super centers. Recently I overheard my step-father say that most vitamins on the market had very little benefit to most people, and that there were fillers in them, like wheat. After hearing this information a light bulb went off in my head. I had always taken them, but never really felt they where doing anything for me. Plus, my urine was always NEON yellow? Why was this?

I started to do some research. If I was going to pay good money for a multi-vitamin, it was going to be a good quality. The best quality I could think of was organic. So I went to my trusty friend, Google. I searched for the best organic multi-vitamin. I was suddenly drawn to the multi-vitamin in a bottle? That’s right, liquid vitamins. Now that’s my kind of vitamins. No pill to swallow, and no waiting for the pill to dissolve in my belly. I had found Natural Vitality’s Organic Life Vitamins. This liquid based vitamin was everything I was looking for. I was also able to purchase it at my local Vitamin Shoppe.

It can be taken by itself, or mixed with water or juice. The bottle even suggested adding it to a fruit smoothie. I took it by itself since I had just purchased it, and was not feeling so well. With in minutes I was feeling better. More calm even. It was exactly what my body needed.


Daily Podcasts: Balanced Bites Episode #2

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This episode the ladies talk about the following topics. I was interested in every topic they discussed. I have been hearing about intermittent fasting, so this was one topic that had my attention.

Celiac Disease
Fertilily and Paleo
Weight gain (wanted) without eating a lot of fruit
Vitamin D
PMS & carb cravings
Raw food, Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis

Cube Cuisines

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These morning I was crunched for time. I know I had brussel sprouts in the freezer at work. I grab a can of Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque out of the pantry. Yes, this was my lunch for today. The soup was just what I needed on this chilly November day. These two simple ingredients were enough for me, and better than other alternative choices. For what I had, I think I did pretty good.

Daily Podcasts: Balanced Bites Episode #1

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This episode introduces Diana and Liz. These ladies are fun to listen to, and full of helpful information. I found out about Diana and Liz through The Paleo View Podcast. Diana and Liz have both been on Stacy and Sarah’s Podcast many times. So, I thought I would check them out from the very beginning.

Questions Asked and Answered

  • Paleo podcast critical mass?
  • Still hungry after lunch, what’s missing?
  • New to Paleo: How much fruit? Milk & Cheese?
  • Alternatives to water?
  • Weight loss stall, why?

What Does All-Natural means to Panera Bread Company

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"All-Natural" Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner on Tuesday nights is usually a Greek salad from Panera. With the temperature here in the 50’s rainy cloudy skies, soup was the answer. As I scanned through the list I noticed Chicken Noodle soup had a AN (All-Natural) circle at the end of it. The American classic was the only soup, actually the only item, with this circle. This made me question… What does All-Natural mean to Panera, and why was the Chicken Noodle soup the only option on the menu with that label?

This video explains Panera’s “All-Natural” future as a restaurant. ;,

As the reporter states in the video, Panera is 50% complete with the All-Natural changes the company is making to there menu. Well, not from what I see at the location here. How long will it take for all the locations to provide an All-Natural menu? My biggest concern, if they are just now making a change, what have I been eating from there?